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There’s a smarter way to trade...

Tired of wasting hours gathering market data and performing vital, but routine, research? Algorithmic trading enables investors to set automated, pre-programmed trading instructions. With the right algorithmic trading system (and some skilled human oversight), you can automate real-time informed decisions based on price, timing, volume, and other market factors.

Algorithmic trading helps you:

  • Execute Orders Quickly
  • Time Trades Perfectly
  • Reduce Transaction Costs
  • Strike with Expert Precision
  • Profit Off Minor Price Changes

And so much more. 

For years, this technique was primarily used by big brokerage houses looking for a way to boost efficiency and cut costs. Thanks to advancements in technology, algorithmic trading is now more accessible than ever before. Individual investors and smaller brokerages can utilize DIY algorithmic trading systems to enjoy all the benefits listed above. 

There’s just one problem…

Creating an algorithmic trading system from scratch is no walk in the park.

The exponential growth of computing power and the rise in machine learning have made algorithmic trading more efficient, cost-effective, and accessible…but programming is still a specialized skill. Algorithmic trading relies on complex formulas, advanced mathematics, and expert insight – a good system is jointly powered by expert-level programmatic engineering and in-depth knowledge of the financial markets. A skilled programmer needs an expert financial analyst to help them assign the correct value to individual data points. A finance whiz needs an experienced programmer to build the tool. An effective system combines the insights (and oversight) of both.

My name is Royce, and I can help you bridge the knowledge gap and create an algorithmic trading system tailored to your needs.

As an experienced engineer, quantitative system trader, and algorithmic trading developer, I’ve designed and developed profitable trading systems for myself and others. I am proficient in Microsoft Excel, VBA, and Python programming, and have recently begun working as a tutor for the QuantConnect platform. 

Check out what one of my recent clients, a fiduciary wealth manager with around $100M AUM, had to say about my work:

“I am the co-founder of a Registered Investment Advisory Firm (RIA) and we hired Royce to turn our trading strategy into an algo. The project was very complex, it spanned over a year, and during that time, he built the algo on multiple platforms, Quantopian, Quant Connect, and zipline. Royce was even better than we could have hoped, extremely professional, timely, detailed, and highly skilled. I can’t imagine that we could have hired anyone better for the job and I am extremely thankful we found him.”

Before going into more detail and highlighting some of the ways I can help you get started with algorithmic trading, I’d like to talk about how I got started myself:

My Story

I began working as an engineer in 2006 and started trading in the financial markets shortly afterward. I wish I could tell you that my initial foray into trading was lucrative…but this was not the case. I didn’t know anything about the market and wound up losing money. I realized that the key to success was in taking a systematic approach.

Over the next few years, I spent countless hours reading about trading, and then thousands more programming and testing my trading ideas. There were hiccups and roadblocks along the way, but over time I realized that I possessed a unique combination of skills – I understood the financial markets and had the technical ability to test and automate different trading strategies.

In [year], I began freelancing as an algorithmic trading platform developer. Shortly after that, I formed Excel In Trading. My goal in both cases was simple: I wanted to share my knowledge with clients from across the globe, including those with limited English.

More specifically, I want to help clients avoid my early mistakes and optimize their trading process. So far, I’ve contributed to hundreds of successful projects and look forward to taking on many more.

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What I Do

Through Excel In Trading, I help clients develop expert-level algorithmic trading strategies that can be easily understood and operated without advanced technical knowledge. As an engineer, I know how to break down complex concepts into manageable pieces of code.

My work can be divided into two categories, as highlighted below:

Backtesting algorithmic trading strategies.


  • QuantConnect (Python)
  • TradingView (Pine Script)
  • TradeStation (EasyLanguage)

Automating algorithmic trading strategies for live trading

  • Interactive Brokers API
  • Live trading via Webhooks from TradingView


In addition to working with clients on a one-on-one basis, I also share my expertise via recorded videos and am currently working on the launch of a QC platform course.

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